Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Vicious Dog

Dear John,
It's almost midnight. I'm still up because one of my favorite pinners had a pinning orgy today, and there were tons of lovely things to go through tonight. The good thing is that I'm off tomorrow.
I've been opening the windows at night after it gets cooler outside than in, and closing them in the morning before it warms up outside. That way we're getting the best of both worlds. And hopefully keeping the NIPSCO bill as low as possible. It's been a dry week or so, which means I don't need to mow while it's 90 outside, but isn't good for anything else. We're supposed to have the biggest moon of the year tonight, but right now it's cloudy so I'm missing it. But I've seen very big ones before, and they're so beautiful.
I found this, and thought you'd like it. The same is true of one kitten and a German shepherd/coonhound mix. But then, we're talking about the dog that was nearly reduced to tears when he thought the possum was dead. Hunter and Jethro are so adorable together.
There's nothing else happening around here. I've been knitting most of the day, and the animals have slept a good deal - probably recovering from the heat. I hope they'll be able to sleep tonight. I know I will. I just wish you were here to cuddle up and sleep with. I still reach my hand out and put it in that dip your shoulder made in the mattress, and feel closer to you.
Love you forever,

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