Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pork With An Attitude!

Dear John,
I'm so excited - look what I just found! Pig On Beale - the best barbecue in the whole world! Oh, how we loved that place!
I've been remembering Beale Street at night. Remember that lovely October evening that we were on down there for the banquet at the Gibson Guitar Factory? We got done about 9:30, and it was way too early to go back to the hotel. So we walked the length of the street and just listened to the music. You were in a suit and I was in an evening gown, but nothing is out-of-place on Beale Street. We ended the evening taking a carriage tour of historic Memphis. The history was fascinating, and I believe it was the single most romantic thing we ever did. And having a friendly golden retriever lying across our feet didn't hurt any.
That is one of my favorite memories. We had fun there during the day, too, especially when we walked down from the convention center at lunchtime. Was it the first day that we found Pig On Beale? I think it was. I'm salivating now, remembering it. I was so glad that you liked barbecue, too. And I got to introduce you to lots of regional styles - north Georgia barbecue, and South Carolina barbecue with the mustard base, and North Carolina barbecue with the vinegar-and-pepper base and slaw on top. But the barbecue at Pig On Beale, now, that's something special.
I enjoyed traveling with you for lots of reasons. But one reason is that you didn't want to eat at national chains. You'd look for the little local places every time. And we found some amazing ones. We never got over that chef-owned Italian place in Somewhere-or-Other, New Jersey. That's how we found Java Joe's in St. Ignace, and Sony's barbecue in Florida, and that great little place in the Keys - Annette's, was it? - and the flying pig place in the music district in Nashville.
But Pig On Beale - well, that's special!
Love you even more than barbecue,

P.S. - Ron is reading Robert's Rules of Order just like you did. Did you do that to him? 


  1. I love hearing your good memory stories. I hope to get to that point soon...Thank you Joan

  2. The memories are good! What hurts is the ones we didn't get to make. I try to handle that pain by focusing on the memories we did make. People are as different in the area of memory as any part of widowhood that I know of. Do what feels good to you.