Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Storms, Hockey, & Poorly-Planned Dreams

Dear John,
It's 10:00 and we're still battened down for storms, but it looks like the worst will go south of us. We've had continuous thunder for a couple of hours, so Jethro is alternating between wanting to be in my lap and giving up and going to sleep. It's 82 in the house and very humid. I didn't turn on the AC because it's going to get cool and dry after the storms go through - and you're not here to make me turn it on! It's not clear enough to go to bed yet. Soon, maybe.
I'm watching 22 for weather tonight. I was watching 16, but they were carrying the NHL Championship Game tonight, and as it got close to starting time (tip-off? kick-off? puck-off?)) all hell was breaking loose on the phone lines and Facebook. So they held out until the warning for South Bend expired, and all folks missed was the first two minutes.
Thanks for the dream last night. You're getting much better at planning our nights out together, but the endings could still use some work. I dreamed that you were allowed to come back for a couple of weeks, and we had a wonderful time. But at the end you died in ICU again - you may want to work on that. Or maybe next time I could go with you? When I woke up I was puzzling over how I'd work out the legalities and paperwork, and explain how I was widowed by the same man twice.
I'm going to start off to bed. The thunder will likely last another couple of hours. So there won't be much sleep here. But there's always Facebook and Pinterest!
Love you so much - wish you could come here or I could go there!


  1. I love that you dream. I have only had one...I ask every night. Sleep well Joan...keep your animals close...they need you :)

  2. For the first six months I only had nightmares, left over from John's 3 months and death in the hospital. I kept dreaming I was trying to save him from something - doctors that wouldn't treat him, or psychotic tax accountants, once the Viet Cong. I got to where I was afraid to go to sleep. Now they're better, but he still dies again at the end of each one. I do hope he gets better at planning dates with me . . .