Monday, June 10, 2013

The Apocalypse Began in the Bathtub

Dear John,
I had a slow, lovely, rainy day. I did get the laundry done. And I spent most of the day at the computer working on Luke and Lacey's wedding gift. I can't tell you what it is yet, but I will next week. They're getting married next Sunday so it's still a secret.
The animals have been great entertainment this evening. During the new episode of The Glades, so after 9, I was eating a pear. A very juicy pear. It seemed more like I was taking a bath in the pear. I looked up, and right in front of me, just across the coffee table, were the cat and the dog sitting side by side and watching me eat the pear. They sat there, perfectly still, not moving, not even blinking, watching me eat the pear. They would have succeeded in making me feel guilty if I hadn't been laughing so hard. It looked like American Gothic in fur.
After I came down the hall to get ready for bed, Jethro had followed me into the bathroom to watch me brush my teeth. It's fascinating stuff, evidently, this business of human dental care. The cat was in the bathtub, and he got tired of waiting for Jethro to come play with him. So I heard this huge THUMP. The cat threw himself at just the right spot on the shower liner, and cat, liner, and shower curtain flew about six inches and slammed into the side of Jethro's head. That got his attention. He decided - very sensibly, I believe - that it was time to play with the cat. So they went at it and Bathtub Olympics commenced.
I wish so, so much that you could see this foolishness! They love each other so much, and love to torment each other and compete for my attention, and then they gang up on me when I eat a pear. It's such a delight to have all of this to laugh at.
Watch over you little family tonight, and pray for all of us.
Love you totally and completely,

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