Sunday, July 28, 2013

Can You Get a Weekend Pass?

Dear John,
Good morning! It's 55 degrees, gray and windy, with a definite feel of October. Odd for July, but better that the 107 we had last year, and a nice break. The weather is making me think about going somewhere with you and playing all day. We could go about anywhere and find fun things to do, and we enjoyed poking around in the same kinds of little shops, eating odd things at local places, and generally exploring. We were always cheap and easy to entertain, weren't we?
Remember that day we went to Grand Rapids to explore it? We were working our way down a street with lots of antique shops and used book stores, and we saw the perfect living room sofa in a window. We'd been looking for a new one for ages, but everything was huge and overstuffed then, and we have a small living room. We wanted something neutral, small, and up on legs so it would look lighter in the room. And there it was in the window. We went in and asked if it was for sale. They blinked at us a bit, said no, but if we wanted it they'd probably let us buy it for, oh, maybe $325. So we crammed it into the minivan - it just fit, with your chest a half-inch from the steering wheel. And we drove home VERY carefully! I still have it, still love it, and as of now it's cost us $25 per year. This is getting better and better.
We did things like that, didn't we? You never knew what we'd find when we went exploring. After all, we didn't go to Nebraska looking for Carhenge. But there it was one day at lunchtime. And I miss those days. We never got to explore Warsaw or Syracuse, and I wonder if I'll do it alone. Maybe Irene and I will go sometime. Or if you could get a weekend pass, we could still do it. Maybe?
I love you so, so much. I miss you this morning, and miss the things we did together. I'll go anesthetize with a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast, and cuddle with the animals. But I'd rather have you than all of creation put together. Hurry the day that I'm with you again!
Adore you,

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day planned with John...wish it could be. Dana and I would just "go" too. and you are right today is a perfect day to just go do. Grey and cool here too