Monday, July 15, 2013

And the Animals Had a Feast

Dear John,
It's been a busy day off. I took Jethro in for his yearly check-up and shots this morning. June says he's in perfect health and at perfect weight, most of which we owe to the cat. He keeps him happy, entertained, and exercised.
After we got home, I decided to have lunch before starting on financials and balancing the checkbook. I fixed some rice, black beans, and vegetables, and sat down on the couch to eat. Or, tried to sit down. The bowl slid on the plate, and about a quarter of the rice and beans dumped out. Most of it landed in my lap, and some on the couch cushions and floor. It was just off the stove, and it was hot. Very hot. I'm glad I still had jeans on instead of shorts. I scooped most of it up in my hands and put it back in the bowl, since I hate to waste food and I don't believe in germs. By the time I got back with a towel, the animals had finished off most of the rest of it. This is all because I decided to be civilized and put a plate under the bowl. I had to tell you about it, because it reminded me of the raisin bran debacle last summer. You remember - I was eating a bowl of raisin bran in bed and fell asleep with it in my lap. At least today's disaster didn't involve washing sheets. And I've already scheduled to have the couch cleaned. So we're alright, and the animals has an impromptu feast.
Be proud of me - I didn't mow this afternoon. It was 92, so I decided to let the grass grow in peace.  It's still muggy and miserably hot at 11:00 at night. I'll have to mow in the heat sometime, since the temperatures aren't going to get better until next Monday. But I'll try to do it early in the day, and maybe split it up over two days. I may not trim until next week. You always tolerated heat so much better than I did. I envy you that, but I'm trying to be realistic about what I can do without giving myself a fibro flare. For now, I'm staying inside. And I'm trying not to look out the windows at the yard.
It's after 11 and I'm working in the morning, so I'd better get the critters and head off to bed. I love you so much! Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and reached out to touch you again. Jethro was at the foot of the bed, so I just touched empty space. Then I remembered. It's funny how long habits last, isn't it? I suppose something that's been a habit for 34 years should be hard to break. You're my habit - and you're a hard habit to break.
Love you more than life

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