Monday, July 29, 2013

Being Mean Won't Help!

Dear John,
We really have to work on this dream thing. You yelled at me all through my involuntary nap this afternoon. Was that really necessary? You're not going to make me miss you less my being mean to me in my dreams. So that strategy failed. I'm going to adore you no matter what you're up to when I'm asleep. I also had nursing nightmares all night. They are never going to stop, are they?
You should have been here this morning. The animals rampaged all over the house for a couple of hours. Once Jethro grabbed Hunter by the neck and tried to drag him across the living room, but Hunter had his hind legs hooked over the rail on the bottom of the piano bench. Undaunted, Jethro dragged cat and bench, and the cat just purred. I do believe I'm the sanest member of his household.
O mio babeeeeeeno caro . . .
Hunter is so vocal! I had no idea cats could make such a variety of sounds, and I'm trying to learn what each one means. His excitement squeak is the hard one - he gets excited over everything from Jethro to toys to birds outside. There's also a trilling noise that sounds a bit like purring and seems to mean, "Pet me!" And swatting with his paw means that he wants to play - that one was easy. I have so much to learn about cats. And I'm still so sorry that you're missing all of this. You really would love the little guy. He's completely adorable.
Here comes Jethro with Hunter's head in his mouth, doing his usual German shepherd thing of herding everybody into the same room. He let the cat go, and Hunter rolled over on his back so Jethro could lick his tummy. If I stop the dog, the cat gets mad at me. You really would love this.
But maybe you get to see it - I hope so. It's the best entertainment going. And I hope you get to touch and pet them both. If I feel your presence, then it must be overwhelming to these animals who are without sin. Please do visit us anytime. But stop being mean to me in my dreams - it won't make me love you less or miss you less, so give it up.
Love you, adore you, worship the ground you walk on,

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