Monday, July 22, 2013

Cat in a Box

Dear John,
This is why people misunderstand us fibromites. Today the pain is better and the fibro fog has cleared, so I pruned the roses and the boxwoods. Yesterday I could hardly move, and today I do three hours of yard work. I can see why some people think fibro isn't real and we just want an excuse to stay home and sleep. We don't understand it either. But we have to learn to listen to our bodies and stay within our limits, or risk being down for months, maybe years. Where do I go to opt out of this?
You probably don't know this: Cats like boxes. They like to be in them. They like to chew on them. They like to hide in them. They LOVE boxes. I got two boxes in the mail last week, and they're both still in the living room because the cat's having so much fun with them that I don't have the heart to break them down and recycle them. Sometime I will, I promise. But not yet.
When Hunter is in the big box, Jethro likes to play with him. Sometimes they play like they always do, just with the cat in the box and the dog outside of it. And sometimes Jethro grabs Hunter by the something - head, neck, leg, whatever - and drags him, with the box, around the house. And the cat just purrs. I was watching them today when the cat was in the big box and Jethro came up and put his head in to see what was going on. Jethro was just looking, and Hunter rolled over on his back and started batting at Jethro's muzzle with all four paws. After a bit of this, the dog grabbed a leg and dragged the box around for a while. And the cat just lay there and purred.
I loved playing in boxes when I was a kid. Maybe that just proves what I've concluded since getting Hunter: You are like a dog and I'm like a cat. The second picture shows the logical extension of my situation. It would be an inexpensive way to live - think what you could save on furniture!
That's all of our silliness here, so we're about ready for bed. Your little family loves and misses you very much. And you can see from the photos what you're missing!
Wishing I could sit in a box with you,

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