Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fibro Fog & Cat Nails

Dear John,
It's been a strange day. The front that came through took the fibro and flattened me with it. The fibro fog was unusually bad. I was having a hard time finding my way from one room to the other. I slept until noon, then trimmed the cat's nails and had breakfast, and went back to sleep until 5. Now I'm hungry, and am trying to persuade myself that the expenditure of energy required to walk to the kitchen would be worth it.
The cat's funny. When he was younger, I could trim his nails without any problems. Now I have to wrap him in a towel. But as long as I stop and cuddle him between each nail, he goes along with it. And Jethro stays right there beside him, evidently to verify that I don't mistreat his cat. They're really adorable.
I did finally get the calendar on my new phone. That's what Maxine and I were doing at the keyboard. I set up a new calendar on my gmail account, and found a quick, easy way to transfer the information. Then I held my breath and put the account on the phone. And it worked.
I'm feeling a little better and my brain is approaching normal function. I really miss you on days when the fibro flares! I blame myself for being a wimp, or doing too much, or somehow having brought this on myself, and you were my reality check. You told me for 38 years that I was too hard on myself, and I'm finally realizing you were right. Being alone makes me have to be more realistic about what I can do. So I'm learning. And if you were here I'd have eaten already. I promise I will!
Love you so much,


  1. Sounds like we had the same kind of day, but for different reasons. With you Joan, you are not alone!