Monday, July 8, 2013

Flummoxed & Flaring

Dear John,
Ouch! That's all I have to say for myself today. Ouch! I'm still flaring from doing too much on Saturday. And it's been raining off and on all afternoon, which doesn't help. So, ouch. I hope tomorrow's a short work day, especially since I have to go to the Farmer's Market after work. There was a big cheese recall this week due to Listeria. and I'm so glad I get my cheese from the dairy farmer that makes it. I got raw milk cheddar last week, and it's the best cheddar I've ever had.
I had my eyes checked today, and Rick flummoxed me. He was checking up on me in general, to be sure I'm doing okay without you. He asked me what I do for fun, and I was speechless. After about ten minutes I told him about going to Michigan with Irene and celebrating the 4th of July. But other than that, there is nothing that I do for fun. I go to work and church, run errands, clean house, do yard work, knit, take care of the animals, and try in the midst of all that to take care of the fibro. I enjoy my job, church, knitting, and the animals. I enjoy the results of housework and yard work.
And what would I do for fun anyhow? I don't have the energy for a big social life, and all my friends my age are couples. I keep not quite getting to Goshen's First Fridays because I hesitate to go by myself - I'm not sure that would be fun. Just what would be fun without you? When I get to make that trip down US 61 I'll have fun, but that takes money that I don't have, and shouldn't be done in the summer anyway. The trip to Florida in November will be fun. I hope to get to Louisville to see Becky and Donna, and that will be fun. As you can tell, I'm still stumped. Let me know if you have any thoughts or insights. I may have to throw this open for Facebook discussion. That should be entertaining.
Maybe contentedness has arrived and fun is not here yet. And for now, I'm content with being content.
Love you great bunches,

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  1. I am working on being content...that is my goal for the next year. Fun is hard right now...but I think this is something we both need to think about. FB discussion could be FUN