Friday, July 19, 2013

How I Caused Problems in 2 Countries

Dear John,
Today was tech day, it wasn't good. Actually, one thing was - I got up early and mowed the back yard. I'm letting the trimming go for a week. It reached 95 today. The yard looks much better.
After I mowed, I paid bills, and discovered that the Macy's online account had gone screwy again. I'd  put in my login information and get your closed account. So I called India again, and talked to about half of the subcontinent. After over an hour on the phone, I had a brainstorm. The problem all along has been that we have the same email address. I can't change mine, so I asked if we could change yours. They said they couldn't access your account without your permission - I told them about your death, but they said that didn't make any difference. They'd still need your permission. So I got into your account and changed it myself. Then I opened an account for me, and all is well. About the time I'd gotten it fixed, they told me that I would never be able to have an online account. They were quite put out when I told them how I'd solved the problem. They're offended that I accessed your account without your permission.
By then it was noon, so I had breakfast. Then I started working on getting my calendar synced to my new phone. I called tech support at 2, then again at 8, got off the phone at 10, and gave up at 11. I'll run it by Verizon tomorrow and see if they can get it to work, and Ron is going to give it a try. I know this problem can be solved because I'm still getting the calendar on the old phone. And yes, I turned that one off to see if it was the problem, but it's not.
It's been a day to learn patience. I remember that day that you spent 10 hours on the phone with 6 different IRS offices about the dual tax status of pastors, and at the end they told you that you'd been right all along. You're so patient with things. And people. And I'm generally not. But I have a lot more patience than I did before I lost you - not that you made me impatient, but because things just don't matter anymore. When the worst thing that can ever happen has already happened, you don't get so worked up.
Other than all that: It's been hot, we're supposed to get storms tonight, the cat has been entertained all day playing with boxes, the dog's been entertained watching the cat play with boxes. And I'm SO ready for bed! And I love you so much.
Sleep good tonight,

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