Sunday, July 7, 2013

How I Made You Proud & Embarrassed Myself

Dear John,
I managed to do something that simultaneously makes you proud and me ashamed of myself. It all started last night.
It seems that this is what happened!
We started to bed at 10:30 and were ready to turn the light off at 11. I really wanted a good night's sleep since church was this morning. There were still fireworks, so I gave Jethro 25 mg of Benadryl. I was hurting too bad to sleep after all the yard work, so I took a pain pill. The cat wasn't in need of medication.
We all went right to sleep. The dog woke me up at 6 needing to go out, and we went back to bed. The next thing I knew it was 12:45 this afternoon. I was shocked and horrified. The animals were piled up in the bed sound asleep, which is alright because they don't sin and are in uninterrupted communion with God and don't need to go to church. But I'm a human, and I really wanted to go.
I can hear you, you know - if you were here you'd say, "Good!" with great enthusiasm, and tell me that if I could sleep more than seven hours straight, and after the sun was up, obviously I really needed the sleep and it was a good thing that I got it. I'm just embarrassed. And upset about missing church. And I think age is starting to make me more sensitive to drugs. Next time I'll break one of the pain pills in half. I don't remember when I've slept that long.
Today I've worked on the commissioned knitting project and protected the dog from fireworks, and had an NCIS marathon on while I knitted. I was good and did what you'd tell me to - I didn't do any of the things that need to be done. I need to vacuum, dust, do laundry, prune roses, trim boxwoods, and weed. But none of it will go anywhere. And Kathy's out of town this week, so my work hours will be less than usual. Maybe I need a week with fewer work hours. But I'm still embarrassed.
Thank you for being so good to me - for making sure that I took care of myself and for always understanding. And sometimes you even got me to understand, too!
Adore you,

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  1. Oh My I slept late today too...not as late as you, but I did not have a bathroom break in between. It felt good, but boy the day went fast. I think our bodies tell us when we need rest.