Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moths & Milestones

Dear John,
After three days and seven - count 'em, seven - Verizon tech people, I finally got my answer about the phone and Google calendar. The Iphone 5 doesn't support syncing the calendar with embarqmail. So I'll have to transfer everything from my calendar to a new one that's on gmail. Tedious, but doable.
The Goshen Verizon store sent me to the Dunlap store, and as I was driving down 33 the tires made a different sound. So after I got finished with the phone check, I checked the tire pressure. That's a simple sentence, but it was another milestone. I bought a pressure gauge a few months ago but hadn't needed to use it. So today was my first time checking tire pressure. I felt like a big girl - independent, and all grown up. And I warned Verizon's security guard as I left - I told him that I'd be crawling around his parking lot for a minute checking my tire pressures. It turned out they were fine. I haven't driven on that part of 33 much since they rebuilt it, so I figure that was what made them sound different.

The cat has a new skill - catching moths. He's getting quite good at it. Evidently, they're tasty. He's in the window sill stalking petunias now. The heat finally broke so the windows are open. It's supposed to get down to 58. That's why I could bring ice cream and visit you tonight. The grass is starting to grow over your side of the plot. I don't know if you remember - they planted grass seed last year, and it was growing well at the beginning of the summer. But heat and drought killed it all, so you were back to dirt. Now there's grass over about two thirds of the plot. And, sadly, there is grass over all of my side, since Jen won't let me dig. I'm still forced to remain above-ground. It's such a shame.

That's all the news: the phone issue is solved, I can check my own tires, and the house should remain moth-free. It's all good news today. I know there's nothing but good news where you are. I'm still waiting for you to come tell me a bedtime story about how you spent your day!

Love you, miss you,

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