Friday, July 5, 2013

No Dinner, No DJs

Dear John,
Look what I just found on Pinterest! It's the pattern Mama used for my wedding dress! (It was the one on the far right, in case you weren't paying attention to what I was wearing.) I have the original pattern, but it was such a thrill to be checking out somebody's '70s board and see this.
(Uh-oh. Some fireworks just went off, so Jethro is now lying across my left hand. Typing may deteriorate.)
I remember our wedding day as perfect. And terribly old-fashioned by today's standard, but then, so are we. We got to the church early and set up the Fellowship Hall for the reception, then we got dressed and ready. There were about 300 people there, including the one old lady that nobody has any idea who she was. Carloads of your German Baptist family showed up about two hours early - I was delighted, because I didn't expect them to come. The Sheppards and Campbells came up from Atlanta. And all our college friends were there - they just stayed around an extra week after graduation - and lots of friends came down from Springfield.
The reception was what everybody had then unless they were really rich - cake, punch, nuts, and mints downstairs in the Fellowship Hall. I still like that so much more that the big dinners everybody has now. At a reception, you can wander around and really talk to people. And they get to meet more than just the few they're sitting with. And you can hear yourself think, because there's no music or DJs or anything. And I really loved our reception! Just think - at a present-day reception, Tricia would not have gotten to meet your grandfather! I did throw my bouquet, and I don't remember who caught it. But we refused to do the garter thing. As we drove away, Lesa poured a whole bag of rice in my VW bug - when we got rid of the car 18 years later, we were still finding rice in it!
It was a wonderful day, and the beginning of 34 wonderful years. I tried to explain to you how happy you made me, and I don't know if you ever really understood. But you do now, and I'm glad. I miss you so much but I'm still happy, and that's all because of you. I'd much rather be your widow than have never been your wife!
Your wife forever,

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