Monday, July 1, 2013


Dear John,
It's been another day that was rather upside down. I was going to spend the day working in the garden - I need to prune, trim, deadhead, and weed. It started feeling a bit stormy, so I looked at the radar and saw a huge green glob between here and Fort Wayne that was headed this way. Then Irene called, and made up my mind for me. We talked for nearly two hours and had a lovely time. So I got some housework done and did laundry. The Glades is on tonight - I hope the rain will hold off and let me see it this time.
It's been a not-so-good fibro day - not surprising with the weather. My lower body has hurt more than my upper today, which is upside down for me. I feel like I'm sitting on a bag of golf balls. Not good ones - driving-range balls. I didn't take pain meds today because I was planning on getting the hedge trimmer out. I probably will tonight.
The animals have been a handful. Somebody was shooting today - probably either target practice or scaring birds away from a garden. But the dog was terrified. This being July 1st, there will probably be fireworks after dark again, too. Last night's firecrackers even scared the cat - this is his first summer, so he's not used to them. And he's still unusually cuddly. This morning he crawled up me for the first time in a couple of months, pawed my face to wake me up, and cuddled with me for a while. Jethro disapproves, but I'm enjoying his affection attack while it lasts!
I'm working tomorrow, and may work Wednesday since the holiday is on Thursday. We'll see how much there is to be done on a holiday weekend. And sometime this week I'll get the yard work done. The weeds aren't going anywhere.
Love you great bunches,

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