Friday, August 23, 2013

Interspecies Collaboration

Dear John,
It's a cool, lovely night. Tomorrow will be our last day under 90 for a while, so I'll be mowing either early or late. The next chore will be to vacuum - no matter how often I tell the animals not to shed, they keep doing it.
There were no storms list night. Jethro slept cuddled up with me all night anyway, About 4 AM I woke up to cat paws on my legs - Hunter came up on the bed, lay down across my legs, and went to sleep. An hour later I felt him walking up my hip; he draped his long self across my waist and slept another hour. Then he walked up my side and slept there. If the alarm hadn't gone off at 6:30, he would have ended up on my head again.
I've told you that they occasionally gang up on me. Well, they have a new thing going. You know how when Jethro is outside, he barks or scratches to come in. If I don't let him in immediately, Hunter comes and finds me. He sits there making imploring noises and looking expectantly at me until I let the dog in. If I don't get up in a couple of minutes, he goes to the back door and sits at the glass next to Jethro, I suppose as a show of solidarity. He repeats the process until I let the dog in.
They were both frantic when I got home. I went to work for a couple of hours this morning, then Kathy and I went to Fort Wayne to do some shopping. I didn't get home until almost 8;00. They were fine - it was still light, and the dog won't eat or drink when I'm not home so his bladder was fine. I guess Jethro has been telling Hunter about the day his Daddy went to work and never came home again, so he has the cat all worked up if I'm later than they expect. We did a lot of cuddling and they're both fine now.
I need to head off to bed - it's been a long day. Your little family loves and misses you. Cuddling just isn't complete without you here. Nothing is, really. But your arms were so long and you hugged so good!
Love you forever,

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