Saturday, August 3, 2013

Let Everything Break Before Monday

Dear John,
If you can't be here, the second-best thing is NIPSCO. Never thought I'd say that about a utility company, did you? I love their protection plan. Really, really love their protection plan. Completely adore their protection plan.
I checked the basement today (all is dry) and discovered that the water heater is leaking. It's a slow leak, so I'll wait until Monday to call them. I know this service is free any time, but there's no point in getting somebody out over the weekend if it's not necessary. And tonight the garbage disposal didn't work. I did everything the owner's manual suggests and had no luck. We have appliance protection with NIPSCO too (I signed up for that right after you died - it only added a couple of dollars a month), which I'm almost sure covers the disposal. If anything else wants to break, it should do it within the next twenty-four hours so we can get everything taken care of with one service call. Maybe I should ask about the grass chute . . .
Need I say that I miss you tonight? I installed that disposal and enjoyed doing it. But fixing one was always your thing. Even after taking out the splash guard, it was unnerving to stick my hands in there. I'm not generally squeamish, but I didn't like that a bit. It was better after I got a flashlight and could see the tomato bits and take them out.
If you'd like to make a service call tonight or tomorrow, I wouldn't turn it down! I wouldn't turn down any kind of call, as long as you don't plan to make me try to rescue you from another medical emergency. I'm feeling the state of standing alone more than I usually do. The same thing has been happening to my friend Ronda - she's needed to call all kinds of service people, bless her. I'll start calling on Monday, and be thinking about her when I do it. It's a shame you and I couldn't have a bunch of sons! But they'd have probably been geeks like us, and of no use at all when garbage disposals don't work and water heaters leak!
Adore you,

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  1. Just like my son...fix a computer YES. anything else NO. Gotta call the "other guy"