Saturday, August 24, 2013

Friendship & Wellspring

Dear John,
It's been another busy day. This morning I went to South Bend with Melinda, and this evening I mowed. I'm tired and stiff and hurting, but it's going to be in the 90s for a week and I had to get it done today.
Melinda took me to a wonderful organic food store in Mishawaka. When I walked in, I thought I was back in Durham. It was about twice the size of Wellspring, but was the same thing. And it smelled just like Wellspring did. I couldn't have told you what it used to smell like, or even remembered that it had a particular smell. But I recognized it as soon as I went in. Because of the size of the store, it has a lot that I can't get in Goshen. So I stocked up on some things. I even bought a little bag of green rice, just for the fun of it. As much as you loved unique food stores, you'd really enjoy it. I'll be going back, since there are things I can't find anywhere else in the area.
I'm tired after having two social outings in two days, but it's done me so much good. Hermit that I am, I still need a social life. I can't do couple things anymore, but I can have girlfriend time. It's worth pushing the fibro for the sake of emotional health. There are just some things that the dog and cat can't do for me.
You were my primary social contact for 38 years. We were best friends that fell in love with each other. I believe that's the recipe for a really good marriage. Everything else ebbs and flows, but friendship lasts forever. Of course, that's one thing that makes it so hard for me to live without you. Besides losing my husband, I also lost my best friend. And that's what I miss most.
But I do have friends that are still here, and I'm so thankful for each one of them. And I'm thankful for the years that I had you here as my best friend, and for the  reunion to come. Now go spend some time with your friends! Hug Kyle and Dana and Phil for me, and tell them how much we all miss them.
Love you, love you, love you,

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  1. Butterflies....and I am tired too! Wild woman. Rest tomorrow Joan. I have to work.