Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Go Play with a Cat!

Dear John,
It's still summer. I got so spoiled last week! Now 85 degrees seems unreasonably hot. I think I need a reality check. It's August, after all. And it's getting dry, too - at least it slowed the grass down. I don't want to  mow while it's so unreasonably hot. This is getting circular, isn't it?
I've had a busy day off. I made the loop downtown, then came home and paid bills and did some housework. The animals have provided lots of entertainment today. Something must have happened down the hall this morning. The dog came charging into the room and hid behind a chair. The cat was right behind him, attacking everything he passed. Jethro stayed where he was until Hunter left the room.
And we had a first this evening. While Jethro was outside, the cat lay down in the dog's spot on the couch, curled up, and went to sleep. The dog stayed out for almost an hour, and when he came in - get this - the cat stayed where he was. Jethro didn't challenge him; he just went and lay down somewhere else. They stayed that way for over an hour. Then the cat woke up, stretched, yawned, and went somewhere else, and Jethro reclaimed his spot. So the standoff ended peacefully.
Hunter is obviously holding his own in spite of the size difference. Right now they're chasing each other around under the bed, which is quite an accomplishment for a German shepherd. They love each other, which is a very good thing. Jethro could easily kill the cat, and Hunter could really hurt the dog. It seems that Hunter has pushed back until the boundaries were set in an acceptable place. And that's been good for Jethro.
They're adorable. I'm still so sorry that you're not here for this. I know how much you loved the dog and he loved you. And you would love the cat, too, maybe even enough to publicly admit it. I wish you'd had the chance to get to know a cat. You didn't like the way cats ate, but you never got to have one eat treats out of your hand, neat and precise and purring. And they're much more relational than you ever realized - as I said before, Mama was right about that.
But it occurs to me that you have lots of cats there with you! Go and get to know one, and you'll understand. You can't have Hunter as long as I'm here. But there are plenty in Heaven for you to play with. So don't be shy - go play with a kitten, and say your wife sent you.
Love you so, so much,

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