Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Laugh Away - It's a Girl Thing

Dear John,
It's been a busy, long, and late day. I was so late showing up at the computer that the WFFs were getting concerned about me. I'm fine, and tired, and happy with my day.
I worked in the garden all morning, cleaning out flower beds. I got everything done except for deadheading the coneflowers and trimming the boxwoods in that small back flower bed. It was a rush because Jim and Irene are coming this weekend to help me with chores, so I have to get most of the chores done before they get here so they don't know how bad it was and how much needed to be done. That's okay - laugh away. You liked me this way, so shush! It's a female thing.
Then I came in and had some Gatorade, took a shower, and went downtown to up the mail, get my hair cut, and buy a gallon of milk. Then I finished getting ready for tonight's Lia Sophia party, got dressed, and went to Morag's. The party went well - my biggest so far. I have twelve orders, and it won't close out until Sunday afternoon so there may be more. It was fun, too. I had some paperwork to finish up after I got home, so I didn't sit down until 11:00.
You'd be proud of me and this new business. No, that's not right. You are proud of me. It's easier now than it would have been a couple of years ago, because I've learned so much working for Kathy. I'm off to a good start. The extra income will certainly help. And I do enjoy it. It gives me a lot more social interaction that I've been getting, with living by myself and working in Kathy's basement. The solitude has been wonderful this past year or so. But I'm needing more people-time now, and I'm ready for it. So this is good for me in a lot of ways. Now I have more tax things to learn. If I need help, I'll call you first. Are you set up for Skype there yet? Let me know as soon as you are. It is wonderful to talk to you here, but I'd love to be able to see you and hear your voice. I'd even love to get a text from you. Anything you can manage, I'll love.
Love you forever,


  1. Oh Joan, So beautiful. I love the normality of your discussions. They are totally perfect.Dont ever stop talking to John cos he hears and reads every single one of your letters.
    Huge hugs S xxxx