Saturday, August 31, 2013

Purning, Planting, & Produce

Dear John,
We all worked long and hard today, and great were the rewards therefrom. We had breakfast in Goshen then went to the Farmers Market. Except for milk and dog food, I'm set for a couple of weeks. It's good to support the local farms and bring home safe food at the same time.
Jim started work on the gate while Irene and I went to the nursery on 40 and found a nice locust tree. The adventure was loading a 12-foot tree into a Honda Civic. We planted it in the east side of the back yard between the fence and the clothesline, where it will help shade the patio. Irene and I trimmed, deadheaded, and dug while Jim hung the gate. I finally have a flower bed on the south side of the shed. Jim checked the gutters - found nothing but shingle sludge, and cleaned that out. We got take-out from El Zorito and watched Big Bang Theory,  then Jim unjammed the garbage disposal.

It started out in the low 90s, but clouded over and got cooler with a few sprinkles of rain. I've had my shower and my Cheerios-and-peach, and am piled up in bed with the laptop and the animals. We'll all be asleep very soon.

Bless your family. I appreciate all they do for me more than I can ever say. But what I appreciate most is that they still consider me family. Of course, I feel that way about them, too. But that's different. They're easy to love.

And I'm grateful to and for you. Once again: Thank you for having such a nice family. And thank you for being the world's only perfect man, and for loving me, and for marrying me. For everything except forgetting to take me with you when you left! But I'm coming anyway, so be prepared. And keep saving that seat beside you.

Love you, adore you,

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