Monday, August 12, 2013

Tattoos On My Heart

Dear John,
We missed grandpa again tonight. I met Jen and Eylssa at Tiffany's for dinner to celebrate the last night of Elyssa's summer. School starts tomorrow morning. I liked it better when we were in school - we didn't get all the breaks and days off, but we had a longer summer. Where I grew up that really mattered since the schools weren't air conditioned. Elyssa will have the same teacher that she did last year, which will be good, and she's excited about going back. I always looked forward to school starting, too. She's playing soccer this year, so I may actually learn something about the sport. About all I know is that you're not supposed to use your hands and riots break out at games overseas. I'm sure there's more than that to it.
I'm sorry you're missing all the grandpa stuff - I know how much you love all three of the girls. Elyssa's already excited about Grandparents' Day, and so am I. I just wish you could be here for it. This is my second year without you - we're done with "firsts" now, and on to "seconds." I wonder how many years it will take for me to not count these things. Probably more years than I'll have. At least, I hope so!
I found this tattoo today. Don't worry - I'm not getting it. I don't need to. It's tattooed on my heart already, and that's the only place that matters.
Until we meet again,

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