Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Under the Chair & Across the World

Dear John,
It's been a lovely fall day. No fear - summer will come back tomorrow. Today it was sunny, 60s, low humidity. It we keep going down into the 40s at night, we'll see trees turning soon. This summer has been such a welcome break after the last two. This is the first year that our grass has stayed green all summer. Sadly, it has also kept growing. But so has everything else, and the corn and soybeans are beautiful.
The living room couch was cleaned today, I think for the only time ever, and it looks almost new. It's finally dry, and the animals are sprawled out on the blanket on the couch, sound asleep. I've been in your recliner this evening, which disappoints Jethro because he can't lie in my lap. The cat, however, has discovered that he can sleep on my shins when I put the footrest up.
Missing You
My widow-friends are wonderful. They made me feel so much better last night. You used to do that - now the friends I've made because of your death do. Symmetrical, isn't it? I'm so thankful for them. And I forgot to remind you: you and Dana need to look up Phil and make him welcome. It's quite possible, though, that he found you and Dana first, and all of you managed to get your women connected with each other. If so, thank you! The internet lets me have friends on the other side of the country and the other side of the world. And on those nights when I can't bear to go to bed alone, there's always Pinterest to keep me company.
Oh, I found the cat's mystery hiding place! Or rather, Jethro showed me. Every time I vacuum, I can't find him afterward. Then a couple of hours later, he comes wandering out. I was concerned because the front door had been open for the couch-cleaning. So I let the dog in and asked him to show me where Hunter was, and he took me straight to the green chair. I looked under it and didn't see anything, but the dog was certain. So I looked again and saw white toes. There's an empty space above the point where the legs meet, and he curls up in there. It's no wonder I didn't find him before, but I'm glad to know where he's been going. He was sufficiently traumatized by the noisy machines that he's been cuddly all day.
It's getting near bedtime, and I need to get the critters down the hall. I love you so much. Pinterest is a poor substitute for you, but it's the best I can do!
Love you always and ever,

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