Thursday, August 22, 2013

WFFs: Holding Hands & Sticking Together

Dear John,
It stormed last night. I slept an hour, then the lightening started and the dog came and lay on my head, and we were up until 5 AM. I slept from 5 until 8, had a short day at work, and came home just as the storms started again. Remember when I said yesterday that it was getting dry? It isn't anymore. And the grass is suddenly two inches longer. I need to mow tomorrow or Saturday before it goes back up into the 90s.
During last night's storm I was on Facebook and Pinterest - no shock there. Sophie sent me this lovely picture, so I made it my new profile photo. Look, it's Sophie and Ronda and me! (I'm the one at the bottom with the slightly smushed smile.) In the course of general conversation, I'd finally had enough of trying to describe our ever-growing group of new widows. There was a gap in the language, and I decided to fix it. We're WFFs - Widow Friends Forever. The term was met with unanimous approval, and I expect it to be added to Webster's next year.
There are lots more of us that are in the photo - we're just the most recent additions to the group.  There's Becky and Claire and Elsie, and lots more. We all agreed that it's a group we never, ever, EVER wanted to be a part of. But since we meet the definition, we might as well do it together. Like they taught us in kindergarten, hold hands and stick together whenever you go out into the world.
I love you so, so much! It still jolts me a bit when I realize that this separation is for the rest of my life. But it's not forever, and I'm so thankful for that. I'll join you when the Lord wills and Jen lets me dig.
Love you forever and ever,

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