Friday, September 20, 2013

You'd Totally Head-Boop This Kitten

Dear John,
Our new little girl is feeling better and better. She's eaten every hour-and-a-half all day, and gobbled down every bite. She's still skin and bones. And she still hasn't figured out how to drink with her nose above water. Her cold is better. And her eyes look a little better, but not comfortable for her yet. And the big news today is that she finally pooped! Only a nurse could get so excited about poop. But it's something normal, and that is good.
Hunter finally decided that he wants to keep her. Last night Abby went up to Hunter and nuzzled the tip of his tail, then laid one paw on his leg. So Hunter nuzzled him, and all seems well between them. Hunter is still not speaking to me, though. I tried telling him that it was Jethro that found the kitten, but he didn't look like he believed me.
I have a three-day weekend, so we should have the chance to do some more melding. Abby and I have only been home to sleep since we got her. I don't blame Jethro and Hunter for feeling slighted. I leave for work in the morning, take Abby with me, get home after dark, and go to bed. Now we'll get to have a few normal days - I think we're all ready for that.
I'm sure there are other things going on around here, but between work and shows and kitten feedings, I haven't been noticing other things. We love you so much. I'm so sorry that you're missing all of this. You'd melt when this little one-pound kitten put her paws on your neck and snuggled into you. And purred. Would you consider taking turns getting up at night to feed her?
Adore you,

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