Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aspirin, Cocaine, and Other Remedies

Dear John,
There isn't much to say tonight. I have a headache which aspirin isn't touching, and I can't seem to think about much more than that.
I had a good, busy day at work. It's a rewarding job, this getting paid to be anal retentive. I get a lot of satisfaction from what I do. And, since I'm organizing things instead of people, it isn't stressful. Critical care was very rewarding, but the stress level was higher than I realized at the time. I just got accustomed to it.
I got a bad headache last night and another this morning, and aspirin took care of them quickly. It hasn't touched tonight's headache. It may be something in the weather - Jen's had a headache since yesterday evening, too. We agreed that, while sharing is good, this is above and beyond what should be expected of us. 

We're Not Quite This Old!

I chuckle every time I take aspirin. Do you know that they're doing an advertising campaign to tell people that it's also an analgesic? Young people seem to think of it only as a platelet antiaggregate and for the treatment of acute MIs. But when you and I were young, it was the only OTC analgesic out there. We pre-date Tylenol and Motrin by quite a while. And we all took it as children. I don't know if there wasn't Reye's Syndrome then or if it just wasn't being diagnosed, but generations of us grew up on aspirin and survived. I still take it because it the safest of the OTC pain relievers.

I believe I'm going to take my pounding head and my sleepy animals off to bed. Tomorrow morning I'll take Abby back to the vet. Her eyes are better, and I can't wait to see how much weight she's gained. Then I have a haircut in the afternoon. And I didn't get a chance to trim after I mowed yesterday, so I need to get that done. I'll miss you more than usual tonight - you could always rub my head and make my headaches go away. Could you come cuddle with me and rub my head tonight?

Love you, miss you,

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