Monday, September 23, 2013

Attack of the Clones

Dear John,
We had strange goings-on tonight. At one point I was considering the possibility that Abby can walk through walls.
I mowed this afternoon. I wanted to leave Abby where she'd be protected and could get to her litter box (which I set up this morning). So I put her in my bathroom, with the baby gate across the door. When I came back inside, she wasn't there. I asked Jethro where she was, and he took me to the cat bed in the workroom, and there she was. I don't know how she got out - the gate wasn't moved, so Jethro didn't get over and carry her out. It looks like she climbed over it. I wish I'd seen it.
I took a shower after I mowed, and when I got out I heard Jethro's bark-whine-bark-whine again. I went to see what was wrong and found him at the back door, bark-whining at Abby who was outside on the patio. I ran out, picked the cat up, checked the markings and eye infection to be sure it really was her, and brought her back inside. I checked all the windows, screens, and doors, and had no idea how she got out unless she could pass through walls, which would also explain her getting out of the bathroom.
I fixed my dinner and sat down to eat, and noticed that Abby was being much more assertive in playing with Jethro. After I ate, I fixed Abby's dinner and picked her up to put her on the counter, and she went crazy not wanting to be carried. I put her down and she dove into the food. Then I walked back into the living room and saw Abby sitting in the window. I blinked a few times, went back into the kitchen, and saw Abby on the counter eating.
So I put the little impostor back outside. I was seeing different personality traits because it was a different cat - a doppelganger with pinkeye. I didn't worry about leaving this one outside because it's much more independent and self-reliant, and obviously getting plenty to eat. Jethro wanted to keep it, but I overruled him. We have enough going on here.
Oh, the bed stayed dry last night. I spent a lot of time with Hunter yesterday, including getting out the flamingo-on-a-stick at bedtime. And I set up a bed for Abby in a cardboard box by the bed. Everybody was much happier. And now we have two litter boxes set up, so I'm hoping things go better from here on out. As measured by the dryness of by bed.
There was some very real bewilderment today, and I'm glad everything is settled. Except for the getting-out-of-the-bathroom issue. Maybe she really can walk through walls.
Love you so much,

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