Thursday, September 19, 2013

Drinking with Your Nose Above Water is Good

Dear John,
It's late - it will be tomorrow in twenty minutes. I have to work tomorrow, so I'll try to be a bit shorter than usual. I went straight from work to a Lia Sophia show, got home about 9:30, and took care of animals and Facebook.
Abby is much better. When I fed her at 2:00 this afternoon, she took some food off my finger without me having to put it in her mouth, and she began to figure out how to lap water. By 6:00, she had figured out this eating thing. She dove headfirst into the can of cat food and wolfed down over a tablespoon, She's still working on drinking - she hasn't figured out that you don't have to put your nose under water. When we got home I fed her first, then she jumped down from the kitchen counter onto the floor, and proceeded to explore every square inch of the house. Hunter lay in the middle of the hall and observed from a distance, and Jethro followed Abby with his nose in her rear. At the moment, Hunter is napping on the bed, Jethro is napping at my feet, and Abby is napping in my lap. And I won't be awake for much longer.
The only other remarkable thing today is that we got the entire last month's worth of overdue rain in one day. It poured most of the day, with a good bit of thunder and lightening. The basement is dry and the tree is watered.
I'm going to feed Abby, fix my snack, and try to stay awake until I reach the bed. It's been a good day, but a very long one. I'm sure the grass is out there growing as we speak - I'll probably be mowing on Monday. Oh, and tonight was our Harvest Moon for the year. When I came home it was full with a light haze over it, and was beautiful. More trees are starting to turn and the first of the corn is being harvested. The equinox will be in two days and the nights are getting longer. The seasons are changing. Time and the world are going on. That still surprises me, that the planet muddles on without you.
Love you beyond reason,

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