Friday, September 6, 2013

Good News & Grinning Geckos

Dear John,
Hello - I love you. I know you had a good day because there's nothing else in Heaven. I wish you could tell me all about your day like you used to. But you can still hear about mine, and I have some good news today.
First, I'm getting a 50-cent-an-hour raise. Kathy's other assistant is starting on Monday, and I'll be responsible for training her and coordinating our two jobs, so I'll get paid more. Kathy said that, since she'll have two assistants, she would need to find something else to call me. I offered to give her the names of some physicians I'd worked with so they could make suggestions. I spent most of the day finishing the Secretary's Handbook - absolutely everything needed updating since the old one was done about five years ago.
Second, the money I made from my latest Lia Sophia show is the same amount as my last 2-week paycheck. I have four shows scheduled for this month, so - barring disasters, of course - I should be able to get the house power-washed, which would be good since we have moss growing on the siding on the north side of the house. And either this month or next, I should be able to put money into savings instead of taking it out. This job is a godsend. It could become my primary source of income. It's easy on the fibro, and it's a lot of fun. I'm thankful.
Third, I got word today that the lawsuit against me, from that accident in May of 2011, is settled. So there won't be a trial. Allstate, bless their hearts, has been wonderful. They've provided the claims agent, attorney, and settlement at no cost to me. And I'm still getting my good-driver discount. I love them. As Bruce said on Facebook, I really am in good hands.
The note I got from the claims agent said that this had been such a burden for me. That was kind, but not true. If it had happened a year earlier, I'd have been frantic about it. But the suit was filed a month after your death. And when the worst thing that can ever happen to you has already happened, little things like lawsuits are just mildly entertaining. I did learn a lot from it, and giving the deposition was fascinating. But the evidence clearly shows I was at fault, whether I remember any of it or not, so whatever judgment was reached against me was right. And since your death I really don't care what happens to me anyway. So it was a learning experience, but not particularly stressful or concerning. It does feel good, though, to have it over and done with.
To sum up, I have a lot to be thankful for, and I am. The only thing in my life that I'm not thankful for is your forgetfulness - going on such a long trip and forgetting to take me with you. I can't imagine how you did that! But that's okay - I have a ticket for a later bus. I just don't know yet when I'm leaving. But I'll get there - be sure to meet me at the station!
Love you, adore you, and worship the ground you walk on,

P.S. - About the photo, I just thought it was cute and happy, and you'd like it. Enjoy!

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