Saturday, September 7, 2013

Grammar Peeves & Gene Hackman in Drag

Dear John,

You should be here. I'm watching on old Big Bang Theory that has Christine Baranski on as Leonard's mother, and I've been thinking about how much you loved her. I remember watching The Bird Cage with you the first time, and how much we loved her in that. We loved the whole movie, but seeing her in that role and Gene Hackman in drag was almost too much delight for one film. For the rest of my life I'll giggle whenever I hear "We are Family."

I ran across something else today that would delight you. Your biggest pet peeve in the grammar area was the difference between "fewer" and "lesser." And here it is, clear and succinct. Don't you love it? Becky says it's one of her sensitive points, too. So you are in good and expert company! I found an absolutely delightful Grammar board today. My grandmother Keistler would love it. And there's another reason for you to set up a Pinterest account - so you can show things to my mother and grandmother.

While I was on Pinterest, I discovered that a pinner I like is a new widow. We were chatting back and forth, I told her about our group, and she has joined the WFFs. As always, I'm so sorry that there's another person who qualifies. But I'm so glad when we can all connect with each other. So you and Kyle and everybody else, go find Billy. And tell him that we're here for Peggy, and we're all doing this together.

Love  you forever and ever,

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