Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I Don't Care Who Started It

Dear John,
It's been a long day - I got home after 9:00 tonight. I'm working 12-8 for a couple of weeks while I train Teresa. I don't mind at all, but the animals have an entirely different opinion. It does mean they get fed later, but I'll feed them later every day for these weeks so they stay on the same schedule.
When I got home tonight, Jethro was as wound up as I expected. I let him out, and Hunter came and sat at the storm door watching for him. Odd, I thought. Then I picked him up, and he had wet dog slobber all over him. As soon as I let Jethro back in, they went tearing around the house together. Evidently, they were in the middle of playing when I came home.
It's after 11 now, and they finally settled down. The dog kept taking cat body-parts in his mouth, and the cat kept swatting the dog and purring. But I think all the mammals here are tired now, and ready for bed. Jethro's asleep at my feet and Hunter is asleep on the half-wall next to the basement stairs. Only a cat can keep his balance and sleep at the same time!
We're all going to bed now. And we all wish you were here. We miss you all the time, but especially at bedtime. Sleep well tonight, and pray for us as we do for you!
Adore you,

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