Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Want My Mama!

Dear John,
The cat food is still at work.
The animals did fine on their own today, and I did enjoy working without a litter box on my desk. I came home and fed them, then went to Syracuse to close out a party, then came home at 8:30 and fed myself. It's 10:00 now, and I just got the mattress pad out of the dryer. Abby had a small accident when we woke up this morning. I got the sheets in the dryer and the mattress pad in the washer before I left for work. And that's today's good news.
Remember that investment we cashed in, that they were supposed to take taxes out of it and we thought they did, but they didn't? The IRS found it a year ago, and I paid them $7000. The state just found the same thing, and I got a letter this morning saying that I owe them $3000.That mistake is going to end up costing me over $10,000. I don't have $3000 to my name, so I'll call them when I'm off on Monday and see what we can work out. I can pay it over time, and I don't expect to have any problem getting them to work with me. If you show them that you're willing, they'll be patient. By the way, it has only taken me 14 hours to reach this point. I spent most of the day just wanting my mother.
Please pray for me, that I keep my chin up. And that I get some sleep tonight - I still have to put sheets on the bed. And that I can sell lots of stuff on E-Bay and make some money. And that I get some party bookings. Aw, heck. Just pray for me!
Love you immense bunches,

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