Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Look What the Dog Dragged In!

Dear John,
I had my day off planned. I really did. And by now I should know better. Every time I plan my day, it goes pear-shaped.
I slept in this morning. I'd let the dog out and was in bed in my PJs with the cat and the laptop, when Jethro started the bark-whine-bark-whine routine. I tried twice to get him to come in, and he wouldn't come. I figured it was the usual thing - one of the feral cats sitting outside the fence and tormenting him. So I threw on some jeans, grabbed the broom, and went out to chase the cat off. I looked under the bush that the dog was bark-whining at, and found a tiny black kitten, obviously scared and hungry, with an eye infection, crying.
I went around the fence, left the broom in Janet's yard, grabbed the kitten, and hared off to the vet's office without even combing my hair. I couldn't call in advance because I'd left my phone at work last night. So I just arrived, with a crying kitten in a carrier and my hair in a mess. Bless June's heart, she took us right back. The kitten is a little girl, about 5-6 weeks old, 1.3 pounds, and in good health except for conjunctivitis and a stuffy nose. Then I took US 6 and went to Kathy's house to get my phone (and have her babysit the kitten) and to Walmart for soft cat food, picked up a Big Mac for breakfast (at 3:30), went back to Kathy's and worked for an hour, and finally got home at 6:30. We have eye ointment and oral amoxicillin twice a day, and feedings every 4 hours. Thank goodness I can take her to work with me.
Jen named our new little girl Abby, which is perfect. Jethro is completely enchanted with her. Hunter, on the other hand, seems terrified of her. He'll be around her until she cries, then he hisses and runs away. The interanimal dynamics should be fascinating. I'll keep you posted. Bruce is my expert on multiple cats, and he says they'll be best friends soon.
So, will having two  cats get you outraged enough to come back and get me? I hope so! And anyway, it's Jethro that keep collecting cats! You couldn't have left the little thing there any more than I could, and you know it. When you pray for us tonight, please pray especially for Abby, that she'll feel better soon.
Lots of love from your growing family,