Monday, September 9, 2013

Lookit! Lookit! Lookit!

Dear John,
I'm so excited! Look at what I got!
Well, this isn't the one I got. Mine's in the garage, waiting for Jen to get off work and help me get it into the house. I did get it out of the trunk, though. Mine has white paint, with bits of green and orange showing through. And it still has the metal pans in a couple of the drawers
It's an old hospital crash cart. Google Images calls it a dental cart, and they were probably used for that, too. But this is exactly like the crash carts we used at General. And they were white with bits of green and orange showing, too. There's so much sentiment in this. I'm thrilled beyond words to have it. This is the happiest I've been in at least two years.
I saw this over a year ago at an antique shop in Goshen. The price was more than I could afford - I think they were asking $250 for it. I've been visiting it regularly and trying not to drool. I went in today and was talking to a saleslady about it, and made an offer. She called the store owner, we haggled a bit, and I got it for $120. Two nice men outside helped put it in the trunk. Or rather, helped put two thirds of it in the trunk. I came home on County Road 40 at 20 mph - 40 seemed the safest way to come, going that slow.
Don't bother to tell Mama about this - she already knows. And she's delighted, because she loved old Greenville General as much as I did. I worked there for two summers, but she volunteered there for until they closed it. I've lost track of how many years she was chosen Volunteer of the Year. It was fun the one summer we were both there - we commuted together, and sometimes got lunch together. My favorite hospital isn't there anymore, but now I feel like I have a little bit of it here.
Love you even more than the crash cart,

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