Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Silliness, Stalking, & Soybeans

Dear John,
I had a good day at work, though I came home early with a tummy upset. You used to bring every tummy virus home when you worked at Panera. You never got them yourself - you were just a very efficient carrier. I'm not sure how you managed it this time, but I'm certain you are behind it because I know I haven't had any Mexican food lately.
I was driving to work this morning and noticed the soybean fields turning yellow, and I remembered our last trip to the Keys two years ago. Remember flying in and out of Fort Wayne? We made long low circles, and the fields were breathtaking. I'd never realized that soybeans ripen at such different times. There were spots, circles, and long lovely arcs of yellow in green fields. It looks like Renoir had gone rural. We gawked out those airplane windows.
I have more animal silliness to recount. I was on the couch working on the computer last night with Jethro getting sleepy beside me. The cat wandered down the stairs, and soon I heard him crying. As Jethro jumped up to check on him, I heard the cat coming back up the stairs. He met the dog at the top landing, smacked him on the face with one paw, then lay down on his back right in front of him. Jethro obligingly grabbed the cat by his head and dragged him around the living room, while the cat purred and batted him with his front paws. It was what I suspected - the crying was just a ploy to get the dog to come over and play with him.
Tonight Jethro was lying on the floor beside me. Hunter was across the room, crouched down and creeping closer, stalking the dog. He got about two feet away, darted over, nuzzled Jethro's nose and rubbed his head on the dog's head, then ran away with the dog in hot pursuit, after which they tore up and down the hall for a few minutes.
Jethro always looks like he's going to kill the cat, but Hunter is the instigator as often as not. I love seeing them have so much fun together. Watching their little displays of affection is even better. You'd laugh so hard at the two of them! I'm glad that I can at least tell you about it all. You'll get to meet them both someday. And that will be wonderful - all of us together, with Caleb and Naomi, too. I can't wait! But, alas, I remain under Jen's digging prohibition.
Until then, love you with all my heart,

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