Sunday, September 1, 2013

Skype Me! I Have a Tax Question!

Dear John,
It's been a quiet day. I had brunch with your family before they left. It's good to know the chore list is taken care of, and wonderful to see a new tree in the back yard. Your little family took a nap this afternoon - the dog is still asleep.
Skype me! Skype me! Skype me!
I had a brief financial meltdown tonight. I had to pull some out of savings to pay the Verizon bill. But I will put it back on Tuesday when I get paid. The problem is the 1st being over Labor Day weekend, so it's really alright. I think I'm just dreading all the fuss of getting my credit report corrected. And it doesn't help that this is a holiday weekend and I can't do anything about it until Tuesday - really Wednesday, since I'm working Tuesday. I like to deal with things right away and not have them hanging over my head. You were so good at this - if something had to wait, you just closed the door to that part of your mind and weren't bothered a bit. I need to learn how to do that.
Michael told me last year that my income was way below the level for paying estimated quarterly taxes. I'm making a bit more this year, so I was concerned that maybe I was going to owe this time. I played with Google a bit and finally found a site where I could enter income, filing status, number of deductions, take a gander at  itemized deductions, and find out what my annual federal tax liability would be. My income is way below the level for paying estimated quarterly tax. That made me feel better and ended my meltdown. So the jello didn't really melt - it just got a little wiggly. I'm much better now.
And speaking of finances, I need close out last week's Lia Sophia show and enter it on my website, so I'd better get at it. I always wish you were here, but there's a special kind of acute panic when I don't have you and need to figure out a tax question. I'm determined to save $275 and do my own taxes this year, and they should be very simple. But I don't want a hotline to call with my tax questions - I just want to Skype you. Please do have somebody put a rush on it and have your system up by tax season. The big question for everybody is what will happen about health care - I suppose only Heaven knows that. And that's another reason you need Skype up there. So get with it!
Love and miss my own personal tax man,

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