Monday, September 16, 2013

The Power of Flour

Dear John,
I know - it's still Monday night. But I was getting ready for bed and, for some reason, remembered something. Do you remember that little coffee shop we found called "Flour Power"? I think it was on our way to Green Bay. Wherever it was, we'd taken the back way instead of the interstate - which could make it any trip we ever took anywhere - and we were looking for a place to stop and eat. I can still see the intersection, in a delightful bohemian part of whatever town it was. And when we saw the name of the place, we couldn't resist.
I remember that the food was good. I think we just got soup and a pastry. The young guy working there was rather condescending toward us old folks. I remember smiling and thinking that we were once what he was, and he would be us sooner than he could ever imagine.
We found so many delightful little places, didn't we? That's one advantage of staying off the main highways and going through the towns. It's so much more interesting. To us, the trip was always as important as the destination. Sometimes the trip was  the destination. And it was fun to do anything with you.
I'm going to get up the courage to go to sleep soon. Hoping for a night without nightmares.
Love you so very much,

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