Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wedding Sheets & Cat Pee

Dear John,
Happy autumnal equinox! I'm sure it's completely irrelevant there, it having to do with time, and time being a created thing, and you in eternity and all. Here, however, today's high has been in the 60s and the leaves are slowly turning. I've spent today in corduroy pants and a sweatshirt with, as usual, various animals draped on various portions of my anatomy.
Your little family had a nice, quiet day. Abby slept eight hours straight. I fed her at midnight, and not again until 8 AM. She's eaten about every five hours since then. She still isn't too sure about drinking, but she has eating, pooping, and peeing down pat.
The relationship between Abby and Hunter has become quite cordial. Last night while I was getting ready for bed, Jethro and Abby were on the bed waiting for me. Hunter jumped on the bed and scared Abby who, I discovered, does not yet have complete control over her bladder. I put one towel under the mattress pad and one on top of the sheet, and slept surprisingly well on a puddle of cat pee. This is the penalty I pay for only having one pair of non-flannel sheets.
So I've spent today doing five loads of laundry. The last load is in the dryer. And I wasn't very smart. I should have started with the mattress pad, so I could have been making the bed in stages. But no, I left it for last. And it takes hours to dry. We're not going to bed anytime soon.

We Should Have Had These

I really do have to think about buying another set of sheets. Do you know, in all these years since we were married, we've only bought three sets of sheets - one flannel set, and two regular? And the second of those sets of regular sheets is what I washed today. We got so many sets of sheets for wedding presents! We finally had to get rid of the last of those in 2005, 27 years after the wedding. I miss those old sheets - I can get quite sentimental about them.
The dryer just stopped - the mattress pad is finally done. I'm going to go make up the bed, so it will be ready when it's bedtime. And the baby cat will wake up when I get up, and will probably be ready to be fed. Tomorrow morning I'll leave them at home alone for the first time - please pray for our little ones!
Love you so, so much,

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