Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another Box Spring Crisis

Dear John,
I did sleep in, and have relaxed most of the day. The animals have seemed glad to relax with me. I was sitting in bed this morning checking Facebook. Jethro was asleep beside me, and I had no idea where the cats were. When I closed the laptop, I found them curled up together right behind it, sound asleep. I was able to get a picture without waking them up, so here it is. Bruce was right - it wasn't long before they became best friends.
Speaking of the animals, we had an interesting event this afternoon. I thought I heard something and muted the television, and Abby was down the hall wailing. Jethro and Hunter and I all jumped up and ran toward her. Hunter found her under the bed, but I couldn't see her. I lay on my back with my head under the bed and found her. One of them had made a hole in the fabric backing on the box springs. She'd crawled up inside it, and thought that she couldn't get back out. I calmed her down and coaxed her, and she popped right out.
We seem to have animals with things about box springs. Remember when we first got Naomi? She was eight weeks old, and would sleep under the bed. (We also have animals that won't sleep on the beds we buy them.) She got up to sixty pounds, and still wanted to sleep under the bed. She'd lie flat on her tummy, and use her paws and claws to pull herself under the bed. It was fine until she'd want to turn over. Then the bed would creak and we'd wake up to paws in our backs.
Anyway, she tore the fabric off of the underside of the box springs. When we moved one time, I stapled a sheet over the bottom. Then Caleb came along and shredded that sheet. Now somebody has made a hole in the fabric under these new box springs. It was inevitable.
Right now, Hunter is down the hall playing with the door to the litter box, Jethro is asleep at my feet, and Abby is sleeping with her head on Jethro's hip. Notre Dame is playing USC at home, and just took the lead. I don't know if I'll make it to the end of the game, and I have to get up early tomorrow for church. I don't believe anyone here will mind if we get to bed early! I just wish you were going to be in that bed. I'd be happy to kick animals out, if it was to make room for you.
Love you tons,

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