Monday, October 28, 2013

Bryan Adams Without Apologies

Dear John,
I'm sitting here with Hunter purring in my lap, Abby purring on the cat tower, and Jethro sleeping in his spot on the couch. I think they missed me today. I met Audora in Shipshewana for lunch, and Melinda in Goshen for dinner, and took a nap in between. It's been a good and busy day off.
On the way home tonight I heard Bryan Adams on the radio - and don't make that face! I like him, even if you don't and Canada has apologized for him on South Park. I heard Everything I Do, and it was different this time. I've always liked the song, and heard it as my love song to you. Tonight I heard it as your love song to me. I know you always felt that way about me. But tonight I got to hear it in not-quite-your-voice-but-close-enough. I got teary in a good way - it made me happy to be reminded that you always loved me like that.
So tonight I feel a bit more happy than sad. You took an earlier bus and went on ahead (forgetting to take me with you, drat it!), but I was and am loved in a way that people write songs about. I've known love that was better than I ever knew it could be. And that love is still with me, waiting for me, just down the road a ways. For tonight, I'm more thankful for what I had than sorry for what I lost.
Thank you for loving me, from the first instant into eternity. I love you just the same. But you know that, don't you?
Always and forever,

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