Thursday, October 24, 2013

Closets & Knitting Patterns: A Good Day

Dear John,
I'm feeling a bit better after 36 hours of antibiotics and steroids. I'm glad I was off work today.
When my morning Prednisone peaked, I spent an hour arranging closets and shelves in my workroom. I brought some order out of chaos, which is my greatest delight in life other than you. I put the yarn in clear bins on the bookcase shelves and the scrapbooking material in the cupboard in the closet. And since there is nothing in the world more beautiful than yarn, it looks really nice. And it will be much easier to use. I got the work table set up, too.
Jethro spent every second being directly under my feet. I left a few scraps of yarn on the floor for the cats, and they had a lovely time draping it from one room to another. So everybody was happy. I really wanted to go on to the office closet and re-work it, but I controlled myself.
I spent the afternoon on line, collecting patterns for berets. I want to make a couple for your mother for her birthday. She always wears a hat since her hair has thinned a bit. I'd like to give her some variety, and in a warmer form for cool weather. I'm thinking about making one for myself, too - I've never had anything like that.
So, better living through chemistry. My cough is better and looser, and my ears and throat don't hurt as much. I'll be able to talk at work tomorrow. I'll go to bed early tonight, and I'd still love that gas house egg!
I love you so, so much - even more than yarn!

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