Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Curative Powers of Dog Love

Dear John,
Please give all the guys a reminder about the nightmare thing. You're all getting better, but there's still room for improvement. We all appreciate your efforts very much. And let them know that we're all wearing some portion of their wardrobes. It makes us feel closer to you. I wear your sweatshirts in cool weather. And I wear your lounging pajamas, which still upsets the dog. He doesn't approve of that.

I'm sick. I probably picked it up from your family - I've been talking to them on the phone while they've been sick. Yesterday I started coughing and not feeling very good, and today I've felt terrible. I definitely have a respiratory infection. Thank goodness, I had a short day at work. I ran by Walmart for milk and kitty litter - two absolute necessities of life - then came home, put on pajamas, and slept for over an hour. The animals have been happy to sleep, too, arranged in various positions on and around me.
I have a regular appointment with Barb in the morning - did I do that well, or what? My timing is perfect. While I'm in South Bend I have a couple of errands to run, but easy things that I'll enjoy. Christopher & Banks is having a big sale tomorrow, which is another example of perfect timing. My clothes situation is getting better but still needs some work. That isn't surprising, since I've had the same clothes for over ten years. And I need to go to Whole Foods - remember, that's the new place that's so much like Wellspring - and that will be fun. I was hoping to get up early enough to make morning prayers at church at 8, but since I'm sick it's probably better not to push myself or go breathe on everybody.
Jethro knew I didn't feel good last night, and slept cuddled up against me. He'd pushed me to the edge of the bed by the time the alarm went off. The cats have started spending most of the night cuddled up together under the bed. Occasionally I feel them both jump up on me, walk around and sniff and get petted, then jump off and go back under the bed again. But Jethro never leaves me for a second. He's my German shepherd protector dog. He's taking good care of me while you're not here - the man of the house.
Love you with all my heart,

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