Sunday, October 6, 2013

Family-Style Dining

Dear John,
Never fear. The floors are clean. We can now find our ankles again. The amount of hair these three critters put out is amazing.
Speaking of critters, let's have an update. Jethro has been terribly neurotic and needy all day. Hunter is still being very cuddly and loving with me. Abby's eyes look fine, and today look like they may turn out to be green. Yesterday her sneezing, dripping, and stuffiness were so bad that I was planning to call June tomorrow. But today she's been so much better, not stuffy or dripping, and I've only heard her sneeze twice. Yesterday may have been the cold's last hurrah.
I was marveling at how much she was eating. Then I discovered that Jethro could reach her food dish. She's big enough now to be able to get to the top platform on the cat tower, so I put her bowl up there with Hunter's. Today was the first time I've seen them eat at the same time, and it was adorable. They were both crowded onto that top platform, both eating out of the same bowl. Then they came down one level and lay down side-by-side. I tried to get a picture, but they all came out really dark. Here's one anyway. Hope you like it!
It's been a dark day. It rained all day, and the basement is completely dry. And the grass is growing. It's supposed to rain tomorrow, too, so I won't get to mow until Wednesday. Tomorrow's high won't reach 60. It's starting to feel like fall. And yes, the house is still open, since you aren't here to make me close the windows and turn on the heat!
You also aren't here to cuddle under the blanket with me tonight, and I still hate that. Next time I wash sheets, I'll probably put the flannel ones on. It's getting to be that time. And I'll miss lying there with you, talking about how good they feel and how little we paid for them and how many years they've lasted. But I'll think it real loud, and maybe you'll hear me.
Love you more than life,

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