Monday, October 7, 2013

Rosie the Riveter Brushes Her Teeth

Dear John,
Fall is here, and I did it. The thermostat said 56 this morning, so I closed the house and turned on the heat. It will be around 40 tonight and the heat will feel good. Tomorrow will be 68, then 70s for several days. So the windows won't be closed for long. But I thought you'd be proud of me, turning on the heat before we had actual frost inside!
The animals were quite cuddly this morning. The inside temperature of 56 may or may not be coincidental. And Abby's bladder capacity has grown to the point that all four of us can sleep together, which seems to delight everybody. Until I try to turn over.
Anyway, I got this photo this morning right after I finished - with some difficulty - brushing my teeth. I used to brush my teeth with you. Now I brush them with the entire family. At least you didn't shed in the sink, and I don't recall ever finding your wet footprints in it. I really miss getting ready with you in the mornings, and everybody seems determined to distract me from that. If I had any more animals, I'd have to barricade the door.
I've been having computer problems for a few days. I haven't been able to upload images to Facebook. And that's dreadful, because it deprives the world of all the silly things I find on Pinterest. And the world is in serious need of silly things. This morning I had the time and decided to tackle it and figure it out. I ended up restoring Windows to September 29th, and that fixed it. I felt like such a big girl! I'd like to know more about computers - the Abby-&-McGee kind of stuff. That's not surprising, since I'm never happy until I know all about how things work. That wasn't hard when we were kids, but it's gotten a bit more complicated in the computer age. I still want to learn, though, and will start looking for books to read. Ask around and get some recommendations for me!
For now, I'll get the dog inside and the four of us in bed. It's a good thing we decided to get a queen-size bed when we got married! I never expected that there's be four of us in it! I only wanted you.
Still only wanting you,

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