Monday, October 14, 2013

Stylites & Flannel Sheets

Dear John,
I do feel better today. I don't have this issue of purpose worked out yet. But I can face the world, function, and even enjoy some of it.
Today I did laundry, paid bills, and put the flannel sheets on the bed. I still have the windows open a bit, but I was cold last night so it was time. And speaking of utilities, when I paid the NIPSCO bill today I put us back on budget. They set us at $120 a month, down $100 from a year ago, when I took us off. There's just me now, so no uniforms to wash, half the dishes, half the showers. And since my internal thermostat is broken, I keep the house a lot cooler than I did when you were here. The animals wear fur, so there are no complaints from them.
Speaking of animals, I took this picture this morning. Stylites! I hope they are praying for me while they're up on their pillars. Aren't they adorable?
I found the meme today and had to show you. It reminds me of you, and how much you always hated liturgical dance. And then there was that night that we were all at Conference in Nashville, and a bunch of us had gone to see their triple-A baseball team play. When the cheerleaders got up on top of the dugouts to dance between innings, Mick looked down the row at you and said, "Look, John! It's liturgical dance!" We laughed a lot when we were together, but ever quite that hard. They love you.
And so do I. So does all of your little family. When I get in between flannel sheets tonight, I'll think about you and remember how much we loved those sheets. Every time I'd get them out in the fall, we'd lie there for a while just enjoying them, talking about how good they felt. Tonight I'll enjoy them by myself, and miss you a little more than usual.
Love you, adore you, worship the ground you walk on,

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