Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Cubs, the Government, & Wile E. Coyote

Dear John,
I finally did it. I got through on-line and got my application for the new healthcare program done. The site has been so busy that I couldn't get through. Kind of like when the Cubs went to the NLCS. Remember? As soon as they were in, there were so many of us trying to call for tickets that we crashed the entire greater Chicago telephone system. And that was before cell phones. Cubs fans set Chicago back to the 19th century for a night. Anyway.
Supposedly, there is assistance for a single person who makes under $45,000-something a year. I'm so far below the poverty level that I can't see the underside of it - I'd love to make half that. They still haven't decided what to do with the people who are on COBRA because of being widowed. But my income is low enough that it doesn't matter. With my income and a COBRA payment of $420 a month, I'll qualify for something. They'll let me know what figures they come up with.
Then I'll have the complicated part of it. I'll have to review the plans I qualify for and choose one. That will mean balancing deductibles, level of coverage, and cost. A key thing for me will be prescription coverage. Other than that, I'm cheap. Most of what I get done is preventive and screening stuff, and that will be covered on any plan. I wish you were here for that part of it - I'd love to have you to decide with me. I may have so few options that it will make the choice easy. I'll keep you posted.
I appear to be looking at solvency. Paying for COBRA is not sustainable with my income. Without that $420 coming out every month, I'd be making ends meet and putting some money away each month for the periodic bills. Whatever I get, I should be able to start it on January 1st. I may only have to make two more COBRA payments. It would be a huge relief. I'm grateful to have COBRA, and the price certainly could be worse. But I'm hoping to see better.
We've had such adventures with health insurance, haven't we? You were an insurer's worst nightmare. We both had pre-existing conditions all our adult lives. Mine don't make me expensive, since what I have has no treatment. But, in your usual spirit of cooperation, you more than made up for that! Our entire employment history was built around trying to keep health insurance. The good side of that is how much we both learned about it. And that will come in handy when I sit down and pick a plan.
You were right - I can do this on my own. And I was right - I don't want to. But, since nobody asked me, I'll continue to go at it and take care of it. And you and Mama will be proud!
Adore you,

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  1. Oh I have no doubt that this is what the PLAN was for. I am glad you got on. I have a good feeling about this for you!