Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Great Valentine's Day Shopping Nightmare

Dear John,
I just got up to let the dog out and thought that, while I was up, I should turn on the front porch light for you. Some part of my head must think you're at work. Old habits die hard.
We need to talk. All you guys need to straighten up. For the last couple of nights, almost all of my widow friends have had nightmares about their husbands. I've told you a dozen times: I love for you to come for visits in my dreams, but you need to think about what you plan for our evenings together! Things are tough enough down here, without you  guys giving us nightmares. Please talk to everybody and ask them to be a little more thoughtful. Come every night - we'd love it - but let's do something fun when you're here. Just to sit and talk would be wonderful. We've all had enough nightmares to last us for the rest of our lives.
I know you guys aren't trying to be mean or anything. You're just not thinking things through. Let us know that you love us. Encourage us. Give us advice. Tell me what the Mystery Liquid in the garage is. You know what we want and need. Don't try to pretend nothing's happened - we know better, and we don't need make-believe. We just need for all of you to show us that you love us.
So no more medical nightmares, okay? No more days in hospitals, no more watching you die. Once was enough. Let's just be together. That's all I want. We love you all so much - all any of us want is to be with our guys again.
I'm sorry to scold you. But you always wanted to know if you were doing something that hurt me or made my life harder, and I know the rest of the guys do, too. Maybe it's like shopping for Valentine's Day - you need some hints and suggestions. So here they are! Give our love to the guys, and give them some hints and suggestions.
Love you beyond reason,


  1. Just got around to reading this one Joan (sorry I get behind! when I grade so much, sometimes the last thing I want to do is read something I don't have to! lol)....anyway, this was so sweet and thoughtful! thanks for putting in a good word for all us WFFs down here. I know John will straighten our boys out. xoxoxo Becky

  2. It's probably best that you don't read here while you're grading. You'd have been forced to leave me a note about that apostrophe I missed here. (I went back and corrected it.) I always write at the end of the day. My proofreading suffers from that! :)