Sunday, October 27, 2013

WFFs: Doing What Doesn't Come Naturally

Dear John,
I didn't get to church today. I've slept almost all day. I coughed all night. And I had work nightmares all night and every time I fell asleep today. Even with the specter of bad dreams, I couldn't stay awake. Then I paid bills. It's not been a pleasant day.
But I've been connected with the WFFs all day, and that means the world to me! It helps more than I can say, to have friends who are going through the same thing I am. I totally get it about support groups. I love my friends.
And this picture tells you what we're all doing now. We're trying to do get back on our feet, in a way that feels completely unnatural and impossible. But we're hanging on for dear life, as Maxine said, and we're going to make it. We may go face-down occasionally. But we'll learn how to do this. And in the meantime, we'll laugh together and cry together, and share how we feel without being afraid of being judged or misunderstood. Or targeted for an intervention.
So print this photo, put it on your wall, and tell everybody that your wife is going to make it, no matter how ridiculous she looks in the process. Or how much she sometimes doesn't want to make it! I'll grit my teeth, take life in them one more time, and go back out and try it again. I'll get by with your prayers, and a little help from my friends.. Oh, and please show the photo to the other guys. And you all have our permission to laugh.

Adore you,

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