Friday, November 1, 2013

A Lap Full of Cat

Dear John,
I have a lap full of warm cat. Hunter came for a cuddle, stayed to bathe himself, and fell asleep. He's grown so much - I used to be able to hold him in one hand. He's probably around 14-15 pounds now, and June says he's going to keep growing for a while. I wish you had gotten to know the joy of having a lap full of sleeping cat.
I had a very busy day at work. And I'm feeling something new tonight. I'm feeling glad that it's Friday, happy that the weekend is here. I haven't been glad for the weekends since you're not here. Maybe I'm tired tonight from my busy week. Maybe I'm getting a bit more accustomed to this alone thing. We rarely had weekends off together anyway, with the jobs we had. But since your death, weekends have emphasized the fact that I'm not part of a family anymore. Tonight, however, I'm delighted that Friday night is here. I suppose it's not essential for me to be logical every single second.
Tomorrow I'll get up early and make the loop downtown - I need to go to the post office, bank, and hardware store. And laundry is an urgent necessity. But I don't have to mow, so it will be a lovely day. There's always plenty that needs to be done around here, and I'm beginning to make headway now that mowing season is over. 
Sleep good tonight - I expect that your little family will. We'll miss you. Come and visit when you can!
Adore you,


  1. Can't wait until I like Friday again...Thanks for the is coming

  2. It surprised me. My Fridays weren't like yours - John always worked Friday and Saturday evenings - so give yourself plenty of time and space. <3