Wednesday, November 6, 2013

All the Poop is Covered

Dear John,
Love conquers all. Last night Hunter arrived first for treats, and was very pleased that Abby had to wait until he was done before she got hers. His ego is soothed and all is well. He's cuddly again and, more to the point, he's covering up his poop.
And speaking of poop, I spent the day on business and financial things. I paid bills ahead a bit since I'm going to be traveling. The property tax bill was due, and that one always hurts. But I sent in the paperwork for that retirement plan disbursement, so the checks should be here when I get back. Is there anything else out there that I don't know about? At least this surprise was a pleasant one! I'm still expecting shoes to drop.
I appreciate all your work over the years, dealing with all the business and financial things. I have it easy now, since most of it can be done on-line. And I had it easy when I handled it when we were first married, because we didn't have much more than rent to deal with. I had to buy stamps today - I think I used more today than I have in the last six months put together. I suppose I've kept up with technology - I get annoyed with anybody that makes me pay by check. I know I'm odd for my age, but I love everything that technology has to offer. Except Twitter. I'm glad it's there but I don't have time to tell people every morning that I'm eating organic rolled oats with coconut oil, organic cane sugar, and whole milk. And I don't think I want to know people that care. It seems a bit creepy.
So all the poop, literal and metaphorical, is nicely taken care of. That means it's been a good day. Your little family loves you. Come snuggle with all of us tonight!
Adore you,

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